This is the starting point for your journey as a 3D artist. After this video, you'll be able to make 3D models for both video games and image and 3D animation rendering. The 3D modeling process is pretty much the same for 3D printing and motion graphics as well. The main point is to master the fundamentals of 3D modeling well and that's why you're here!


2 hours of high quality content where we’ll go straight to the point. I’ve designed this course to teach you all the main features of 3D modeling as accurately as possible through a lot of repetition and with interesting modeling exercises. The difficulty level of the exercises increases as the course progresses. You don’t have to take a 20-hour course to learn something you can learn in just two hours!

The theoretical part of the course explains to you what 3D models consist of, how to start making them and when should you use low poly models instead of high poly models.

As you do the exercises in the course, you’ll learn the most essential functions of 3D modeling. We’ll also teach you a few modifiers which speed up the work of a 3D artist considerably. Towards the end of the course you’ll face two 3D modeling challenges.

Beginner 3D Models Intermediate 3D Models



What you’ll learn

  • how to make game assets for game engines like Unity and Unreal
  • how to make low and high poly models
  • the most important modifiers that speeds up and makes your work much easier
  • how to add different materials to 3D models
  • how to light the environment
  • how to set up a camera before rendering
  • how to render an image of a 3D environment
  • how to optimize the rendering settings for high quality renders that won’t take too long to render
  • the most common mistakes beginners make in 3D modeling and how to solve them
  • general tips for speeding up 3D modeling
  • the main keyboard shortcuts for 3D modeling in Blender
  • making a 3D model from different primitive shapes
  • for what purpose different types of 3D models are used
  • what the geometry of the three-dimensional model consist of
  • how to navigate in the Blender interface

Who this course is for

  • beginners that are interested in 3D graphics but don’t know where to start
  • beginners that want to make 3D models for video games
  • beginners that want to render images and 3D animations

Course requirements

  • mouse is recommended
  • network connection to download the program
  • computer (Windows / Linux / Mac)