What does video resolution mean? In this article you will learn which are the most popular resolutions are and which one should you choose.


What is Video Resolution?

Resolution is the number of pixels that are displayed in a given area that is usually calculated by the width and the height. The higher the resolution, the clearer and sharper the video is.

Resolution Height and Width

The resolution of a video is often indicated by an abbreviation that only tells its height. A good example of this is YouTube.

YouTube Video Resolution

The appropriate resolution for a video depends on how large a screen it will be viewed on.

Screen Size and Resolution

If you plan on publishing a video on YouTube, for example, you should always aim for a resolution of at least 1080, a.k.a. Full HD. This way, those with larger screens will see the video in good enough quality.

Full HD Resolution 1080p

Common resolutions that are bigger than 1080 are 1440, a.k.a. Quad HD and 2160 a.k.a Ultra HD, which is also called 4K.

4K Resolution 2160p

If you are going to publish a video somewhere where it will only be viewed on a smartphone, you can go as low as 360.

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