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Using the Glare node in the Compositing workspace allows you to make the emissive objects in the 3D space glow. This increases the realism of the render quite a lot.


Making an Object Glow

The text in the 3D space has a material with the Emission shader. The strength of it is 5.

A material with the Emission Shader

When I render the view, the text looks like this.

The Rendered Result

To make the emissive object glow, open the Compositing workspace. Tick the Use Nodes setting in the upper left corner of the Compositor window.

The Compositing Workspace

First, let’s add the Viewer node to the system so you are able to see the final image in this window as well. Press SHIFT + A, search for Viewer and select it.

Adding a Node to the Compositor window

Connect the Render Layers node to the Viewer node. To make the text glow, add the Glare node to the node system. Press SHIFT + A, search for Glare and select it.

Adding the Glare Node to the Node System

Detach the Render Layers node from both the Composite and Viewer nodes. Now connect the Render Layers node to the Glare node and the Glare node to the two nodes.

Using the Glare Node in the Compositor

Open the first drop-down menu from the Glare node and select the Fog Glow option.

Glare Node Fog Glow Option

There you have it.

The Final Rendered Result

Tweak the values of the Glare node and the strength of the emissive material if needed.