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Programming for Beginners

Programming for Beginners

Learn to code with the C# programming language. In this course we'll teach you three major concepts of coding, which are variables, condition statements, and functions.
Textured 3D Game Asset Creation

Textured 3D Game Asset Creation

Learn to create game-ready assets in Blender. The game asset creation workflow consists of four phases, which are 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texture painting, and LOD creation.
3D Modeling for Beginners

3D Modeling for Beginners

Learn to make your own 3D models with Blender for the use of video games and rendering. We'll teach you how to use the most essential modifiers, to add materials to models, to set up both a camera and lighting, and to render an image of the 3D environment.
Video Editing for Beginners

Video Editing for Beginners

Learn to make your own videos with DaVinci Resolve. In addition to the basics of video editing we'll teach you video tracking, color correction, animation and effect creation, voice-over recording, and how to adjust music and sounds to fit a video.

Skills We Teach

Game Development

Have you always wanted to make your own game? We teach game development skills such as game programming, level and UI design, environment lighting, effect creation, and performance optimization.

Game Asset Creation

Interested in creating your own game world? Learn to make optimized, game-ready assets like vegetation, buildings, furniture, and vehicles. The game asset creation process consists of four phases, which are 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texture painting, and LOD creation.



Marko, 29

Creative idealist who's responsible for customer contacts. Interested in the visual side, especially 3D art, texturing, and video editing. Has a master's degree in Philosophy, majored in Environment Sciences, and minored in Information Technology.

Mika, 27

Great combination of a creative artist and a technical guy. Multi-talent whose area of expertise includes game development, coding, and 3D art. Takes care of voicing the tutorials. Has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology.

Miro, 23

Logical thinker whose strength is in writing code. Game programming, web development, and other software development are his cup of tea. Future bachelor of Science, studying mathematics and statistics.