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3D Modeling in Blender: 3D Models for Games and Rendering
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3D Modeling in Blender: 3D Models for Games and Rendering

This Tutorial Teaches You the Fundamentals of 3D Modeling Game Assets and 3D Models for Renders in Blender.

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Type Instructor Released 28 September 2017 Location Finland, Seinäjoki Minions 3

Marko, 27

A creative idealist who is responsible for customer contacts. Interested in the visual side, especially 3D visualization, texturing and video editing. Has a master's degree in Philosophy, majoring in Environment Sciences and minoring in Information Technology.

Mika, 25

A great combination of a creative artist and a technical guy. A multi-talent whose area of expertise includes game development, coding and 3D visualization. Takes care of voicing the tutorials. Has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology.

Miro, 21

A logical thinker whose strength is in writing code. Despite his young age, his experience of programming has accumulated tremendously, as interest in the subject arose at the age of 12. Future bachelor of Science, studying mathematics and statistics.