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Stay up to date with the events of Holotna. We post news about our company and products regularly.

Game development tutorials in Finnish


Due to lack of quality tutorial videos on game development in Finnish we have started a video series to teach how to make games. In addition to teaching the basics of Unity game engine, we will teach the basics of 3D modelling in Blender.
Once we have finished the series, we will continue on creating tutorial videos on individual topics. There is also a possibility for more tutorial series to come.
You can watch our first tutorial video about game development here. In this particular video we explain the most common steps when developing a game.

Changes in our company form


Holotna is no longer a partnership, but a limited company. It required a bunch of paperwork and waiting but the results are great. We are now able to publish our games on Steam in order to reach a bigger audience. At the moment The Balcony is only available on itch.io but we have started the process of registering on Steam as game developers. Should not take too long until the game is available there!

Duck in the Bath: Released


Duck in the Bath is a free Android mobile game, in which your task is to keep the duck safe from the flowing naval mines. The game becomes harder as your score increases over time. You encounter different variations of mines more often and they move faster.
Read more about Duck in the Bath on its Google Play Store page.

The Balcony: Released


Tätä olemme odottaneet, The Balcony on nyt ulkona! Toivottavasti olet yhtä innoissasi kuin mekin. The Balcony on erittäin miellyttävä ja koukuttava fysiikkaan perustuva peli, jossa tarkoituksena on nujertaa vihollisia katolta käsin. Oletko koskaan halunnut heittää television rakennuksesta? Nyt on sinun tilaisuutesi kokea se!
Et kyllästy yli sadan tavaran heittämiseen ja rikkomiseen. Vaikka et osuisi kohteeseen, koet mielihyvää nähdessäsi kun tavarat pirstaloituvat dynaamisesti. Ja kun osut kohteeseen, et millään saa tarpeeksesi siitä! Ajoneuvon tuhoutuminen ja vihollisen musertuminen pianon alle on mukavaa katseltavaa.
Lisää tietoa The Balcony:stä löydät sen itch.io -tuotesivulta.

The Balcony: Launch trailer


We are happy to announce that The Balcony is about to be released. We have reached out to a few digital game stores to have our game listed in them. Here is our launch trailer, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.